Cubans Emigrating To The USA?

Cubans Emigrating To The USA MUST Apply For Their Visas From The US Embassy In Guyana?

Cubans are Spanish speaking people, and Colombia is another country where Spanish pre-dominates also.

Therefore, to my mind it would be sensible to allow Cubans to access VISAS from the US Embassy there, instead of from Guyana, which is a pre-dominantly English speaking country.

Unless the American government does not have an Embassy or Consulate in Colombia anymore.


Budgeting Made Simple!

Budgeting Made Simple!

1. It is absolutely vital that you keep a monthly record of all Income and Expenses.

2. Also keep all receipts and bills for validation and income tax preparation purposes.

3. A simple Income And Expense Account will suffice.

4. And ensure that you NEVER allow your expenses to be more that your Income.


NEVER FORGET-Afghanistan!

NEVER FORGET-Afghanistan!

Achmad Shah Massoud (a Pashtun), was the Commander of the Northern Provinces of the Mujahideen fighters.

As the Russian occupiers negotiated to withdraw their forces from this country, they would need to pass through the routes occupied by Achmad’s forces.

He agreed to allow them SAFE exit. He was eventually killed by US mercenaries who wanted to punish him for so doing.

This war started by the USA and her allies in 2001, is still ongoing in Afghanistan.

Carnival In Guyana 2018!

Carnival In Guyana 2018!

Sponsored by the State of Guyana, In Collaboration With Private Enterprise?

From May 18-27-2018

We already have Mashramani, where the state invests lots of money for the Public Sectors involvement. To celebrate the Indigenous Crop Harvesting festival.

Could we guarantee the safety of foreigners during these celebrations.

Because if we cannot, then the objective to entice tourists to attend may be lost.

The Goodly Gentleman, And The Woman I am Talking To!

The Goodly Gentleman, And The Woman I am Talking To:

When I was a kid in BR. Guiana, those Old Time women use to call the men that were supporting them, and fucking them, the Goodly gentleman.

And the men called the women they were fucking, living home with, and supporting, the women they were seeing.

It was all mere pretentiousness they engaged in.

Because they could not admit the truth to this kind of relationship. WHORES!


Donald Trump Bans Transgender From US Military!

Donald Trump Bans Transgender From US Military!

This moron is yet to realize that the US military has been recruiting Homos, Lesbians, and others for decades, without them openly stating their contributions.

Many have fought and died in the various combats/wars that the USA was engaged in.

However, no enemy cares whether or not the soldier firing at him/her is Gay, Homo, Lesbian, or Tranny.

Real Jews And Fake Jews!

Real Jews And Fake Jews!

For any man to be considered a bona fide Jew he MUST be circumcised, and perform his Bar mitzvah at 13 years of age.

Without these two traditional expectations and practices, he will not be accepted as a Jew among the Jewish people.

For example, when David asked King Saul (a Jewish King), for the hand of his daughter Sarah in marriage, Saul said.

“Bring me FORTY foreskins and I will re-consider your offer.”

I am sorry for all those 40 non-Jewish men, who involuntarily has their foreskins removed by David.

And those men whom Hitler’s Nazi Police arrested and had sent to the Gas chambers, were stripped naked.

And that was how they knew how many Jewish men they had captured also.



Whom Does The City Belong To?

Whom Does The City Belong To?

Is it the business communities, property owners, or tenants?

I think cities belong to no one especially. The collective come from various parts of the country, and settle therein, to be close to work, food shopping, restaurants, entertainment, schools, and hospitals.

But renters get the shaft each time their rent goes up. They either pay the increase, or move to another affordable place, if they could find one.