The Whole Truth About The Prodigal Son.


The Whole Truth About The Prodigal Son.

When he returned to his father’s home, after squandering his inheritance. Broke, destitute, and hungry, his father took pity on him, took him in, because after all, he was still his son.

But that does not mean he will be accepted by his brothers as if nothing happened, and all is well again. No, no, no, he will eat and live in that home until his father dies. Then he will not get any inheritance money or material goods bequeathed to his brothers.

And would probably be asked to move out as well.

So you see, returning home was just a temporary reprieve for him. He was a Black sheep, ungrateful, and did not deserve any more assistance from his. family.


The London Tower Block Fire Solutions!




The London Tower Block Fire Solutions!

The residents of that gutted building have lost everything. Personal effects, personal documents, passports, and birth certificates.

All of these things MUST be provided to these people quickly.

Secondly, they have no place to live as families or as individuals, with their own private space, and safety.

Thirdly, temporary homes or shelters would end up like all refugee camps do. They last forever, and nothing is done to re-house them again.

Fourthly, many of these residents are employed people, how will they get to work again, because they have no address, utility bills, or postal address to provide future employers, now they are in limbo.

Finally, these people have to have access to bathrooms/showers, toilets, kitchens/canteens, on a daily basis. And those who need special medial attention, help, or medicine MUST be given access to them urgently.


Derryck S. Griffith.



Drug Sellers Operate In Plain Sight:


Derryck In Brown Suede top-2

Drug Sellers Operate In Plain Sight:

And nobody reports them to the Police, or attacks them.

WHY? Because most people in that community have some relative who does the same thing, or needs the services of these Evil operatives.

So then how could we rid our community of this cancer? When people therein are so complicit.

I say we cannot, until the community is willing to act, by showing them to the Cops, or chasing them out forcefully.

And at any cost.

Sex And Sexuality!


Sex And Sexuality!


Sexual desire is a natural element of the human specie.
Unlike the other animals that only mate to procreate the species.


Except for the rabbit and the monkey. They too seem to derive pleasure from sex.


Humans do it also for pleasure, because we derive pleasure from sexual intercourse.


We also find all parts of the human body sexually

stimulating too.


Men are hunters and warriors by nature. We have the inclination to defend our kit and kin. And it comes quite naturally to us.

Summer Is The Time To Find Love!


Why Is Love In The Summer Different From Any Other Time?

Some people believe that getting emotionally involved with someone you meet in Summer will never last.

So will it last in Winter, Spring, or Fall?

Summer is the time you see people as themselves, very little clothes, colorful, and pleasant, and more approachable.

Unlike how most of us feel in the Winter time. All bundled up, or locked away indoors.

So those of you who believe that Summer love will never last. Probably will never find love at all, because life for you exists only in the Summer.

Death Is More Costly Than Living!

May 15-2017.


Death Is More Costly Than Living!


When you die, the carcass has to be specially prepared, dressed and groomed. A coffin or casket has to be ordered. Depending of the deceased relatives ability to do so.

A plot has to be bought, grave dug, a fence erected, and future cleaning of the graveside assured.

All of this cost thousands of dollars. And when you are poor, it is a nightmare. All because most people want to follow convention.

When I die, throw me in the morgue’s furnace to burn.
No grave, no funeral arrangements, and do whatever you like with my ashes.

Money Is Money-Dirty Or Clean!

Guyana-A Money Launderer?

Yes, 15 Caribbean countries including Guyana are on the list of State Money Launderers.
However, poor countries like ours in the Caribbean are prone to money laundering.

Citizens are heavily dependent upon relatives overseas for financial assistance, thus making themselves un-knowingly vulnerable to money launderers.

But what can they do about it. Absolutely nothing really.

Money is money, it has no mark that says, This Is Dirty Money, do not use or engage in any financial transactions with it.

Farms Yesterday And Today:


Farms Yesterday And Today:

The first were small and large family farms. Until they were gradually bought out, or swallowed up by larger corporate farms, and monopolies.

What we have today globally are extremely large, automated, and computerized farms.

They produce, distribute, and price their commodities, all by themselves. So the family farm has little or no say in how much he/she can get for their produce anymore.