Homelessness In New York City-I Experienced It Personally!

Homelessness In New York City-I Experienced It Personally!

I was homeless, (really homeless) for eight months.

And I lived in a Chinese Slum Lord building on 8th avenue, for $100.00 dollars per week.

A Communal toilet and Bath, and my neighbors were old, drug users, losers, and misfits that were on Welfare.

I stayed there because I could not afford a Higher Rental. Until I found something better later.

EIGHT MONTHS Of Noise, Filth, and Fear for my life.

So I know what I am talking about.

Derryck S. Griffith.

Homeless Shelter In NYC



“Celebrating Footballer Lionel Messi’s Achievements.”

“Celebrating Footballer Lionel Messi’s Achievements.”
Lionel Messi’s arrival at La Masia started a new generation and era of football at FC Barcelona.

He prowess, agility, personal skills with the ball at his feet, and his ability to score goals almost 90% of the time. Makes him a very special person.

And when he retires from FC Barcelona, there will never be another individual with such attainments, and goals scored for a very long time to come. He is a living legion!

Messi have scored 555 goals for Barca now. And still counting.

And 6000 goals or more for La Liga.

Derryck S. Griffith.


Most Humans Were Never Free!

Most Humans Were Never Free!

Before the advent of Religion and Political philosophies, humans did what pleases them.

Loved whom they wanted regardless of gender, and lived with whom they wanted. All of this was quite normal.

Except those who owned land and property, owned or enslaved those who did not.

Today this attitude still pervades most cultures without any end in sight.

Derryck S. Griffith.

Wheel Chair Customers!

Wheel Chair Customers!

Many stores and other businesses ignore the fact, that volumes of people cannot patronage their business because they are unable to get in.
Or if they do get in, are unable to reach certain items on the top shelves.
And lots of stores these days cut back on floor staff, making it very difficult for any customer to get assistance when required.
Plus, most of the isles are too narrow for wheelchair users to meander within or around them.

Derryck S. Griffith.

Japan’s Imperial Court!

Japan’s Imperial Court:

Historically, the Japanese perceived their Emperor as living in the clouds as a God.

After Japan’s defeat during World War 2, the Emperor was advised to declare the truth to his people, that he was not a God. This he did with humility. Something quite unlike any previous Emperor of Japan.

The people were surprised that they were fooled for so long. But as a starving, humiliated, and defeated people, most did not care for the Emperor that much.
Starvation, sickness, and hopelessness took precedence now.

The future of Japan, and how to rebuild after total devastation was something the young people had to contemplate on.

Derryck S. Griffith.

Politicians And Monsters!

Politicians And Monsters!

Adolph Hitler ordered the elimination of millions of Jews in Europe, because he felt they had no right to exist.

Winston Churchill ordered the Fire Bombing Of Dresden and other cities in Germany, killing millions of civilians, because he wanted revenge.

President Harry Truman wanted to prevent more US casualties occurring if he invaded Japan directly.

So he ordered the dropping of two Atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

MaoTseTung wanted to develop his country China quickly, so he ordered the killing of millions of Chinese who did not follow his decrees.


Derryck S. Griffith.

Freedom Of Speech Logo-1

#GUYANA- The People’s Temple Mass Suicide-Nov-18-1978!

#GUYANA- The People’s Temple Mass Suicide-Nov-18-1978!

The People’s Temple, was a cult led by an American so-called preacher and drug addict named Jim Jones. He and his followers left the USA to establish a settlement in the hinterland called Jones town.

The members of this cult were kept isolated from any contact with mainstream society, and only certain trusted members of this cult whom Jim Jones used for personal protection and for his clandestine drug trading business, were allowed some freedom of movement within and without that settlement.

Jim Jones brain washed these people, men, women, and children with a life of grandeur and self reliance. Fear tactics was used to scare them from ever thinking of running away from this settlement also.

The events that led to the Final Cool Aid Consumption forced upon these people, came about when a US Congressman got wind that some of his constituents were being held against their will in Guyana’s Jungle, so he went to investigate.

He was attacked when about to board his aircraft with a few brave followers, whom wanted to escape with him. They were attacked and killed by Jim Jones henchmen and cult protectors.

Nine hundred or more were killed after consuming that Poisoned Cool Aid drink, because Jim Jones wanted them all to die with him, as a final gesture of fate and rapture.

Just like Adolph Hitler, another coward like Jim Jones killed himself, not wanting to face Justice for his crimes!

Derryck S. Griffith.

A Nuclear Weapon’s Aftermath:

A Nuclear Weapon’s Aftermath:

1. The sky is darkened with the ash from that cocoon blast.

2. The sun is blocked out for over FIVE years.

3. The air is un-breathable for humans, because of the toxic fallout and acid rain.

4. All crops on land, and fish in the seas, are contaminated and cannot be eaten by humans.

5. Finally, life above ground is un-livable and unsafe for all animals and humans.

A UN Tribunal To Oversee And Conduct Court Trials!

A UN Tribunal To Oversee And Conduct Court Trials!

This is absolutely necessary to investigate crimes like rape engaged in by UN forces wherever they are stationed.

To be investigated and tried within this body, by some appointed Tribunal.

And if found guilty serve sentences in prisons in their respective countries.

Kofi Annan And Ban Ki-moon’s Watch:

The worse Secretary Generals were these two.

Kofi Annan sat on his hands while the native Tootsie and Hootie ethnic groups killed each other in Rwanda.

And Ban Ki-moon adamantly denied that his Pakistani UN Peace Keeping forces killed Haitian natives with cholera, from the human feces dumped into the drinking water in Haiti.

Derryck S. Griffith.