Pollution Resulted From Animal And Human Genesis!

Pollution Resulted From Animal And Human Genesis:


Before humans and the other four legged animals evolved, there was no pollution on this planet.

When we came into being, carcasses and human pollutants caused havoc to the pristine nature of this planet.

Therefore, the planet had to create scavengers to clean it up. So vultures, tigers, and other creatures helped to do so.

Today, this planet is rebelling from the damages humans have caused it globally. And with the natural climate changes that occurs.

It is hoped will correct this planetary epidemic.

Derryck S. Griffith.



Abandoned Dogs!

Abandoned Dogs!

I saw a movie tonight where a dog’s owner was killed, and he was in-voluntarily adopted by another person.

But this man was unable to care for this dog, so he asked someone else to take care of him, and they agreed to take him.

As I watched the dog look at his former owner with longing and betrayal.

I felt grieved and hurt for that dog, who like some children were adopted several times, before they finally found a permanent home.

An Abandoned Dog-1

Who Or What Occupies This Physical Body?


Who Or What Occupies This Physical Body?

I tried using science to explain this question to me. But physical science cannot explain what it cannot see, measure, or quantify. So speculation, imagination, and conjecture takes over, for the lack of this knowledge.

And this have led to religion, and the creation of some imaginary being we call God, Allah, or some other name, that we feel is in control of what or who we are.

So I am back to where I started, who or what occupies this physical body?

I have never seen it. All I see through these windows we call eyes, are the same physical beings looking back at my body. I also hear sounds coming from those bodies, like it does from my own.

The physical bodies or humans call it speech or language. This is used to communicate with other bodies, throughout our physical time on this plain we call planet earth.

I have seen other bodies in my sleep. They call it dreaming. We speak just like we do when I am awake. And I wonder why I cannot see them or communicate with them when my body is awake also?

I guess I will never find the answer to my original question either. So I have chosen to accept this reality as a temporary abode, until it can no longer accommodate me.

Derryck S. Griffith.


Why Do I Write?



Why Do I Write?

Writing for me generally gives expression to my innermost feelings, opinions, concerns, and expectations. It does not fit the traditional Literary style that most academics or journalists have been trained to adhere or prefer.

But I am not one of them. I write because I believe that communication via the pen or written language should be simple, clear, understandable, and easy to read. Without being interrupted by having to seek out the meaning of some words along the way.

I do not write to impress any of my readers, nor do I seek to get recognition. I merely share with anyone who is interested in what I care about.

Derryck S. Griffith.

Trapped Or Lingering Souls!

Trapped Or Lingering Souls!


How do you help trapped or lingering souls move on from our physical reality, after they experienced some trauma while in their physical bodies, like after terrorism, war, or mass genocide?

This reality exists for many, we see them in our dreams, some of which are nightmarish too. Some of these souls are very angry, and they attack you in your sleep for different reasons.

And when you awake, you wonder why on earth did I have such a dream or such dreams, but you cannot find any rational explanation for them.

I have had such dreams in the building where I live, a place that have lost many residents through the HIV epidemic, that still haunt the building years after their demise.

But I cannot tell anyone, because no one really cares, or may never believe my explanation for this experience. But it occurs ever so often while I am asleep, and I wake up immediately asking myself, when will this ever stop?

Purging Affected Places:

I believe that some purge MUST take place in places where people reside after some terrible slaughter, war, or terrorist acts have occurred very soon afterwards.

Religious institutions may have some solution in this regard, I don’t know. But something MUST be done.

Places like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Libya, Gaza, etc, are all affected places where the haunted souls still roam, and try to get attention from the living.

Derryck S. Griffith.


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