Americans Do You Want Personal Safety Or Not?

Americans Do You Want Personal Safety Or Not?

When there are Soldiers and Police on the streets and airports, you complain about violation of Civil Liberties.

Security Guards with guns in schools, you complain it is too dangerous for your kids.

So What The Hell Do You want?



Manifest Destiny Explained.

Manifest Destiny Explained:

This idea was created to make legal the immoral and illegitimate occupation of North America, by those Europeans who landed at Plymouth Rock.

In other words, they felt that they had the right to take over all of North America, for the good of all those who lived there hundreds of years before these new arrivals.

Hence the Birth Of Colonization on the Northern side of the American continent.

And the same edict is being promulgated by Israel for the Palestinian lands today.


Going To Africa-African Americans!

Going To Africa-African Americans!

If you are of African ancestry, chances are you don’t know where exactly your ancestors came from in Africa, or the language/s they spoke.

So where can you begin the re-connection to that long lost past?

I say forget about it. And identify with where you were born.

If you go to any African country right now, you would be molested everywhere you go for money.

However, in Africa the males are responsible for the economic livelihood of his family or siblings.

The eldest male especially must take that responsibility seriously, and is expected to do his utmost, to ensure that the older parents and grandparents are also taken care of.

Do Black Americans have this cultural responsibility. Or is even expected to live in this fashion?

I say most certainly not.