Planning For Your retirement Years!

Planning For Your retirement Years!

There was a time not too long ago, when most of us permanently employed individuals could concoct such a plan.

Today, this is hardly possible for most of us. The employment prospects are precarious to say the least.

And most of us are working temporary jobs, with limited hours, no healthcare or vacation leave with pay either.

So what are we to do?

I cannot imagine how many of us can afford to save a little something these days. Much less plan for a vacation somewhere.

This is what has happened to most of the employed poor and working people currently.

Derryck S. Griffith.


Missiles Are En Route To Syria Currently!

Missiles Are En Route To Syria Currently: A joint military exercise between the USA, Britain and France, with strikes on targets supposedly that house suspected chemical weaponry or related materials.

This is a response after it was alleged that chemical warfare was executed in Syria by the Assad regime, on it’s own civilians recently.

Suicide Bombers Who Are Children!

Suicide Bombers Who Are Children!

How can you re-educate those thousands of children who have seen their parents killed by foreign and local bombs. Leaving them all alone, hungry, and un-protected.

How could you make these children forget those evil experiences, and look to the future for betterment?

And what can anyone do to prevent the hatred these children feel for those who did them wrong, from not seeking revenge when they grow up?

CUBA-And Small Business Survival.

CUBA-And Small Business Survival.

Raul Castro introduced licenses for Small Business Owners to do business. Hitherto unheard of.

They were doing fine, as well as the tourist industry.

Now Raul Castro has pulled the plug on them, and small businesses cannot get a re-newal of their licenses.

However, Raul Castro is leaving office this year, and who knows, things might get back to normal again.

The French National Railroad System Is In Trouble!

The French National Railroad System Is In Trouble!

Historically, this Public Transportation System was subsidized by the state.

The profit motive was not the primary aim, but punctuality, efficiency, and affordable service was intended,

Now the government wants it to be competitive.

And that means allowing the Public to invest in this enterprise for a profit, because to do otherwise would not attract private investment.

If it is not accruing enough revenue to remain a viable service to the public, then some partial Private Investment may be needed to keep it alive.

Derryck S. Griffith.

The USA Gun Lobby Strikes Back!

The USA Gun Lobby Strikes Back:

And is carrying out A Smear Campaign on The Internet, belittling those boys and girls who are advocating for a change in the Gun Legislation.

They are using fellow peers to sell a false image of some individuals within the movement, as though they are imposters in the camp.

However, the Youth Campaign is hitting back at the Gun Lobby’s allies, supporters, and financiers.

Freedom Of Speech Logo-1

How Much Longer Will The Palestinian Genocide Be Condoned?

How Much Longer Will The Palestinian Genocide Be Condoned?

The Apartheid State Of Israel is allowed to wantonly and deliberately kill Palestinians as they se fit.

And regardless of how many pleas for help to humanity coming from that camp, the world’s Super Powers and lesser powers turn a blind eye to their plight.

I say to ALL Palestinians, RESIST, RESIST, RESIST, by any means necessary.

Palestine Flag

AID Organization’s Abroad And Employees Private Lives!

AID Organization’s Abroad And Employees Private Lives!

When you are in another culture or country, you are alone, and some personal needs are hampered or difficult to satisfy.

Sexual encounters with the local population should be based on consent. And both parties must be of legal or adult age.

Using prostitutes is a personal choice, regardless of who engages in that activity.