The Honduran Exodus 2018!

The Honduran Exodus 2018!

Those thousands who left by foot, motor vehicles, trains, and buses, heading for the US border hopefully, has finally reached Tijuana-Mexico, and is not allowed to go any further.

Make shift shelters that leak, amidst filth and squalor, have dampened the mood and resolve of most emigres.

Now, most are regretting ever having left their homeland, and are willing to settle anywhere now.

Derryck S. Griffith.


The Philippines Police Brutality Drug Bust!


The Philippines Police Brutality Drug Bust!

A 17 year old child was killed by the Police here, in their hunt for Drug dealers, sellers, and users.

In response to an edict given by president Duterte. Three Police officers were arrested and charged for this crime.

The question to now ask is why only three Police officers?

When it is common knowledge that thousands of Philippinos were brutally murdered with impunity by the Police.

Derryck S. Griffith.

The Emigrating Migrant’s Phenomenon!

The Emigrating Migrant’s Phenomenon!

This phenomenon is continuing everywhere there is political strife, wars, famine, and mass un-employment.

But can states be forced to accept thousands or even millions, if their National Budgets cannot accommodate this additional expenditure?

I say, let each state do the Arithmetic, and decide for themselves. if or how many migrants they can afford to take in.

Derryck S. Griffith.

Healthix-Medical Data Collector?


Healthix-Medical Data Collector?

Is the NY State’s Private Contractor Of medical Information pertinent to those who sign their consent form.¬†ALL personal medical information, including doctor’s visits, medications used, hospital stays, hospice, or other related medical information about you are kept there.
The reason being that such information MUST be kept in ONE place, to be easily accessed when needed by the authorities concerned.
Just like the NSA, your private medical history is being documented by the state?
Another invasion of personal privacy by the state!

Derryck S. Griffith.


My Friend Daniel.

My Friend Daniel.

I once had a friend
His name was Daniel
He was an alcoholic.

Dani lived by his wits
He smiled and tricked everyone
Until he got his desire, a drink.

Dan never sought employment
Nor cared to do so either
He just sponged off everyone he knew.

Dani always said he wanted his lil place
A home of his own
Because he was homeless.

But never sought to get one
But chose to sleep wherever night caught him
Until he died without his lil place.

Derryck S. Griffith.

President David Granger Addresses The National Assembly-And Promises A Good Life For All?


David Granger

To: inews-Guyana.

President David Granger Addresses The National Assembly-And Promises A Good Life For All?

Mr president,

What have you delivered president Granger since you were elected to the presidency, that can be seen or measured?

Some Sugar Estates were closed due to poor performance and loss of income.

Were the employees given employment elsewhere, or just Severance Pay?

The majority of the employable Guyanese working class are still un-employed and under employed.

Is there any hope or solution in mind or in the works that you can provide?

The NIS or National Insurance and Social Security organizationtion is in dire need of financial boosting, mostly from a growing and contributing workforce.

What are you doing about this dire need, and Social Security mandate?

Derryck S. Griffith.


The Guyana Defense Force Hierarchy!

The Guyana Defense Force Hierarchy!

The highest position in this institution is that of Brigadier. And that position was held until recently by David Arthur Granger, now president and civilian of the state of Guyana.

Under the LFS Burhnam regime, his Lordship alias Kabaka, made himself General of the Army, the Guyana Police Services, the People’s Militia, and the Guyana National Service.

In fact, he was Lord Of All He Surveyed.

Who knows if the current president will appoint himself this position too?

Nothing will surprise any Guyanese who have lived under all previous post-colonial governments.

Derryck S. Griffith.

Where Would We Be Without Books?

Where Would We Be Without Books?

Prior to the printing press, all writing was done on parchment or scrolls. Those who had wealth or owned property was able to afford a personal tutor.

So literacy was limited, and confined to the church, the aristocracy, and the ruling classes.

But without mass literacy, internal development, growth, and culture stagnated.

Which was why the Dark Ages lasted so long.

Derryck S. Griffith.