GUYANA: Travel To Buxton By Train!

Travel To Buxton By Train-Childhood Memories:

Do you remember your childhood days in British Guiana when you traveled by train from Georgetown to any of the villages along the northern shoreline?

I have, and it was a Sunday School Outing to Buxton.

My Mom prepared a lunch basket with the usual curried chicken and rice, and Roti. We boarded the train at the Kingston Railway Depot, along with our Sunday school teachers and other children, for that exciting trip to Buxton.

I recall quite vividly how the fruit sellers came to the coach to sell their fruits whenever we stopped, and how exciting it was to see the trees move, as we travel along the line en route to Buxton.

All the way singing our Sunday School songs.

We stayed all day in Buxton, until that evening, then returned to Georgetown, tired but happy.


The HIV Community Drug Addiction Problems!


The HIV Community Drug Addiction Problems!

Ever since the HIV infection epidemic became known in New York City. Trying to get these people properly housed, and medically covered was always a challenge. And still is, especially housing.

Most of the HIV infected poor have had other problems before they were infected with HIV. Such as mental, social, drug addiction/usage, and formerly incarcerated, whom have never lived outside the penal system for very long.

So problems with regard to keeping their apartments clean, staying healthy, personal hygiene, and paying rent is always a challenge with many in this population.

Some have been living on welfare checks all their lives, some never paid rent all their lives, and others believe they are entitled to be fed, housed, and tolerated by the state for life.

Some steal property like furniture, electrical appliances, food, and utensils, from the very place that house them, without any regard or responsibility.

While others refuse to pay their fair share of rent for the apartment in which they reside., (30% of their monthly welfare check/entitlement).

These are just a few of the ongoing problems within this community, and how it affects/impacts those who provide the services for this community.

Derryck S. Griffith.



The JUCHE Idea!


The JUCHE Idea!

I recall under L.F.S Burhnam I studied this theory at the Critchlow Labour College. The lecturer who taught us was a P.N.C. Party stalwart. So you can imagine the enthusiasm he portrayed.


This idea is based on the concept that any nation can become Totally Self Reliant. Which is totally false. Because no nation on this planet has all the resources it needs to survive without importing anything.


Plus, if you live like that, who will trade with you, or buy your goods?


But that is what Kim IL Sung used to indoctrinate his North Korean people, and is being used up to this day.


The Truth About Syria’s Internal War!


The Truth About Syria’s Internal War!

It started out as a Peaceful Demonstration in the city of Aleppo, by civilians wanting a say in their governance, and Human Rights guarantees.

It was infiltrated by terrorists individuals who fired on the Police. This situation escalated, causing more terrorists groups to infiltrate these peaceful demonstrations everywhere, until it got totally out of control.

And evolved into a Total Terrorist War with the Assad regime and state.

When the Assad regime had lost most of the country to the terrorists, aided by the USA and other clandestine states. Russia came to it’s aid, and eventually retook all or most of those lost territories.

Today, the final mopping up of the remnants are being conducted.


The Truth About The Saudi Arabia/Qatar Debacle!


The Truth About The Saudi Arabia/Qatar Debacle!


Saudi Arabia is a US ally. And the USA sells billions of dollars in military hardware to that kingdom. They are also Sunni Muslims.


Qatar is also a Sunni Muslim kingdom, headed by an Emir, but does not share the same religious philosophy with Saudi Arabia. Which is the Wahabist doctrine.


And Qatar is also accused by the USA, Saudi Arabia and her allies, as financially supporting terrorist groups.


Currently, being blockaded by Saudi Arabia and her allies, followed by a pre-sumptuous and brazen list of dictates to Qatar. For them to agree to, before this blockade can be lifted.



The Movie 12 Years A Slave!



Derryck In Brown Suade Top-1

The Movie 12 Years A Slave!

Is the typical kidnapping of a Black male during the slavery period in America.

But this individual was a free man, and was conned into believing his White acquaintances had his best interest at heart.

They wined and dined him. And when he passed out drunk, they shackled him in chains.

Which was the result of his stupidity for trusting the White man.


Growing Older And Being Alone!


Why Do You Need Company To Grow Old With?


I say, this mentality is acquired from the society at large. Millions of individuals older in age, live alone and love doing so.


Not all of us have relatives or families that will take care of us Full Time until death.


When you are incontinent, demented, deaf, poor in sight, hard of hearing, and grumpy. That could be quite a handful for any relative to deal with on a daily basis.


Therefore, I say, learn to live with yourself, keep your own counsel, cook and clean for yourself, and acquire a hobby. Like Blogging, Social networking, or Writing on the Internet.