Guyana Commemorates It’s 52nd Independence Anniversary!

Guyana Commemorates It’s 52nd Independence Anniversary!

British Guiana became Independent from Britain on May-26-1966.

And renamed The Republic Of Guyana on February 23-1970.

All former colonial countries will never be able to totally eradicate it’s colonial past. But that should not make us feel that we should not strive to create our own unique identity as a nation.

We have come this far in the struggle for Self Reliance and Self Realization, so let us remain resolute.

Our Democracy is still quite young, and as we charter our own approach to this ideal way of life, let us never feel that it is impossible to attain.

Our politicians must never be allowed to divide us ethnically, socially, religiously, or politically either.

And as we continue on the road to National Unity, Internal Peace, Tranquility, and Economic growth, let each of us make his/her mark along the way in this development.

Derryck S. Griffith.




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