The HIV Community Drug Addiction Problems!


The HIV Community Drug Addiction Problems!

Ever since the HIV infection epidemic became known in New York City. Trying to get these people properly housed, and medically covered was always a challenge. And still is, especially housing.

Most of the HIV infected poor have had other problems before they were infected with HIV. Such as mental, social, drug addiction/usage, and formerly incarcerated, whom have never lived outside the penal system for very long.

So problems with regard to keeping their apartments clean, staying healthy, personal hygiene, and paying rent is always a challenge with many in this population.

Some have been living on welfare checks all their lives, some never paid rent all their lives, and others believe they are entitled to be fed, housed, and tolerated by the state for life.

Some steal property like furniture, electrical appliances, food, and utensils, from the very place that house them, without any regard or responsibility.

While others refuse to pay their fair share of rent for the apartment in which they reside., (30% of their monthly welfare check/entitlement).

These are just a few of the ongoing problems within this community, and how it affects/impacts those who provide the services for this community.

Derryck S. Griffith.




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