Preventing Genetic Diseases:


Preventing Genetic Diseases:

If humans were not supposed to correct diseased genetic cells.

Then this knowledge would not be un-covered.

I say, let this new correctional method be done, under vigilant monitoring.


Barbados Is In Serious Financial Trouble Currently!


Barbados Is In Serious Financial Trouble Currently!


This island is in serious financial debt. And they are seeking help from the IMF to bail them out.


This island gets it’s revenue mainly from tourism, and that alone cannot suffice it’s internal needs.


The private sector also contributes to the revenue coffers, but that also is not enough to keep this nation economically viable.


However, when you are so small in size, with a small population, with little or no exports, and dependent upon tourism for survival.


All of these factors determine if you will sink or swim in an economic crisis.

Derryck S. Griffith.


Buried But Woke Up Alive!

Buried But Woke Up Alive!

I wonder just how many people have been mis-pronounced as dead, and was buried. Only to wake up hours or days later, and discover they are underground in a coffin.

I say, from now on, bury everyone with his/her cell phone in his/her hands on his/her chest.

Just in case, so they could call someone to say, “I am still alive, get me to Hell out of here.”

Derryck S. Griffith.

Guyana Commemorates It’s 52nd Independence Anniversary!

Guyana Commemorates It’s 52nd Independence Anniversary!

British Guiana became Independent from Britain on May-26-1966.

And renamed The Republic Of Guyana on February 23-1970.

All former colonial countries will never be able to totally eradicate it’s colonial past. But that should not make us feel that we should not strive to create our own unique identity as a nation.

We have come this far in the struggle for Self Reliance and Self Realization, so let us remain resolute.

Our Democracy is still quite young, and as we charter our own approach to this ideal way of life, let us never feel that it is impossible to attain.

Our politicians must never be allowed to divide us ethnically, socially, religiously, or politically either.

And as we continue on the road to National Unity, Internal Peace, Tranquility, and Economic growth, let each of us make his/her mark along the way in this development.

Derryck S. Griffith.



SEX Predators In America!

SEX Predators In America!

Harvey Weinstein the Hollywood film producer, and the typical White male Sex predator pig in America.

They are everywhere, at all levels of this society, and if you are a male or female, sooner or later you will have this experience.

They gawk at you in the streets, honk their car horns to get your attention in the streets, and molests you on the Internet relentlessly.

Harvey Weinstein

Gay Or Homosexual Rights In Guyana!

Gay Or Homosexual Rights In Guyana!

I concur, the Gay Community and those who Self Identify as Homosexual, MUST use their voting rights to ensure those who represent them in Government and Parliament, enact laws that support and protect this community.

And ensure that they outlaw all traditional legislation that punitively punishes those who are openly Gay, Homosexual, or Lesbian.

Derryck S. Griffith.




Is The Communist/Socialist Idea Dead?

Is The Communist/Socialist Idea Dead?

The Marxist/Leninist concept where the masses will overthrow Capitalists, and a new order will prevail, never happened.

In Russia, the Emperor/Czar was overthrown, followed by a dictatorship.

In China, one dictatorship was overthrown by another, Mao Tse-tung.

And today in China, the state rules supreme with a Socialist Agenda as a facade.

But depends on Capitalism to grow their National Economy.

Therefore, until the masses could liberate themselves from those who employ them for wages, and their dependency on income to survive. Capitalism will thrive.

Derryck S. Griffith.