Preventing Genetic Diseases:


Preventing Genetic Diseases:

If humans were not supposed to correct diseased genetic cells.

Then this knowledge would not be un-covered.

I say, let this new correctional method be done, under vigilant monitoring.


Gay Or Homosexual Rights In Guyana!

Gay Or Homosexual Rights In Guyana!

I concur, the Gay Community and those who Self Identify as Homosexual, MUST use their voting rights to ensure those who represent them in Government and Parliament, enact laws that support and protect this community.

And ensure that they outlaw all traditional legislation that punitively punishes those who are openly Gay, Homosexual, or Lesbian.

Derryck S. Griffith.




Is The Communist/Socialist Idea Dead?

Is The Communist/Socialist Idea Dead?

The Marxist/Leninist concept where the masses will overthrow Capitalists, and a new order will prevail, never happened.

In Russia, the Emperor/Czar was overthrown, followed by a dictatorship.

In China, one dictatorship was overthrown by another, Mao Tse-tung.

And today in China, the state rules supreme with a Socialist Agenda as a facade.

But depends on Capitalism to grow their National Economy.

Therefore, until the masses could liberate themselves from those who employ them for wages, and their dependency on income to survive. Capitalism will thrive.

Derryck S. Griffith.

The In-efficiencies Of The NYC Housing And Reconstruction Authority!

The In-efficiencies Of The NYC Housing And Reconstruction Authority!

Politics and lots of money determines what gets built, and how soon it is done here in New York City.

The building in this photograph belong to two owners.

The one in white is where I reside, and the other one with the scaffolding was formerly a Hotel, which was closed for decades.

Only recently was the scaffolding installed, and it would take literally several years for the paperwork and approval for re-construction is approved.

That is why this city is commonly called “The Scaffolding City.”

Derryck S. Griffith.