Preventing Genetic Diseases:


Preventing Genetic Diseases:

If humans were not supposed to correct diseased genetic cells.

Then this knowledge would not be un-covered.

I say, let this new correctional method be done, under vigilant monitoring.


Everybody Is A Photographer Now!

Now with tablets, and cell phones with cameras included, almost every one has become a photographer.

I could hardly pass on some sidewalks here in NYC, without getting angry at those tourists who stand in groups, block the side walks, and take photos.

Unmindful or un-concerned for the residents or other road users.

And the Asians are the WORSE of them all. Because they move in packs, stand in packs, are noisy, and take selfees,and other photos of almost everything in sight.

Un-identified Lighted Flying Foreign Objects Are A Fact:


Un-identified Lighted Flying Foreign Objects Are A Fact:

Firstly, I believe that most of those sightings were true, valid, and irrefutable. And the denial of the US, British, and other governments about any truth to these sightings, were calculated to keep their publics in ignorance.

Secondly, those governments that have been following this phenomenon cannot explain it rationally to their public, and cannot validate any perceived threat to their sovereignty either. So they chose to call it fantasy or collective hallucinations.

Thirdly, those flying objects from some universe or dimension knows fully well, that there is nothing on planet earth that poses any threat to them or their visitation, nor do we have the technology to locate, capture or destroy their crafts either.

Finally, whatever these alien crafts are, or does in our galaxy is a mystery. But I presume they are either observing our reaction to them, studying our planetary nature and composition, or merely amazed at our existence.

And I will not let the authorities dissuade me from believing in these sightings either.

Derryck S. Griffith.


Blood In The Water (Guyana)!


Blood In The Water (Guyana)!

Firstly, the David A Granger political coalition/administration was doomed to fail from the inception. Because most political coalitions never survive in the long haul.

Secondly, president Granger appointed and surrounded himself with too many Old Fools and idiots. Most of whom have no commonsense, civility, or subtlety. Some even embarrassed him and the government gravely too.

Thirdly, his failing health was also a factor in this witch hunt, even though many may not say so openly. And his failure to tell the nation about his illness, showed a lack of faith and trust in the commonweal.

Fourthly, the Teacher’s strike for better wages, and the dismissal of hundreds of sugar workers. Even though the latter was inevitable, because no industry can survive with continual losses indefinitely.

Finally, the opposition saw blood in the water from his failing health, so they decided to strike while the animal is limping. Then the Final nail in the coffin came with the No Confidence vote.

And that was The Final Solution for the PNC/ANC administration.

Derryck S. Griffith.

The African Slaves And The Dalits Diaspora, In Guyana And The Americas:

The African Slaves And The Dalits Diaspora, In Guyana And The Americas:
Two very different peoples from very different cultures.

The Dalits from India and the African slaves were all brought to these shores during the Colonial Exploitation era, to work for them in the fields.

Sugar Cane production, cotton, gold, and other minerals too, were the primary source that enriched these colonial bastards, whom enriched themselves, and their homelands in Europe too.

Today in Guyana, this history affects our National Culture, Politics, Governance, and sometimes with impunity.

Derryck S. Griffith.

A New World Order Is Afoot!

A New World Order Is Afoot!

One that is based on Moral Fortitude, Frugality, and Temperance, should be the new mandate for all those whom we elect to govern us.

A Democracy based on these values MUST be promoted, socially explained, and represented at all levels of governance.

And those whom we elect to govern us, MUST be held accountable by these obligations, and without exemption.

The time for wanton greed, exploitation, and selfishness is over, and MUST be shunned and Abhorred.

Derryck S. Griffith.