Preventing Genetic Diseases:


Preventing Genetic Diseases:

If humans were not supposed to correct diseased genetic cells.

Then this knowledge would not be un-covered.

I say, let this new correctional method be done, under vigilant monitoring.


#GUYANA- The People’s Temple Mass Suicide-Nov-18-1978!

#GUYANA- The People’s Temple Mass Suicide-Nov-18-1978!

The People’s Temple, was a cult led by an American so-called preacher and drug addict named Jim Jones. He and his followers left the USA to establish a settlement in the hinterland called Jones town.

The members of this cult were kept isolated from any contact with mainstream society, and only certain trusted members of this cult whom Jim Jones used for personal protection and for his clandestine drug trading business, were allowed some freedom of movement within and without that settlement.

Jim Jones brain washed these people, men, women, and children with a life of grandeur and self reliance. Fear tactics was used to scare them from ever thinking of running away from this settlement also.

The events that led to the Final Cool Aid Consumption forced upon these people, came about when a US Congressman got wind that some of his constituents were being held against their will in Guyana’s Jungle, so he went to investigate.

He was attacked when about to board his aircraft with a few brave followers, whom wanted to escape with him. They were attacked and killed by Jim Jones henchmen and cult protectors.

Nine hundred or more were killed after consuming that Poisoned Cool Aid drink, because Jim Jones wanted them all to die with him, as a final gesture of fate and rapture.

Just like Adolph Hitler, another coward like Jim Jones killed himself, not wanting to face Justice for his crimes!

Derryck S. Griffith.

A Nuclear Weapon’s Aftermath:

A Nuclear Weapon’s Aftermath:

1. The sky is darkened with the ash from that cocoon blast.

2. The sun is blocked out for over FIVE years.

3. The air is un-breathable for humans, because of the toxic fallout and acid rain.

4. All crops on land, and fish in the seas, are contaminated and cannot be eaten by humans.

5. Finally, life above ground is un-livable and unsafe for all animals and humans.

A UN Tribunal To Oversee And Conduct Court Trials!

A UN Tribunal To Oversee And Conduct Court Trials!

This is absolutely necessary to investigate crimes like rape engaged in by UN forces wherever they are stationed.

To be investigated and tried within this body, by some appointed Tribunal.

And if found guilty serve sentences in prisons in their respective countries.

Kofi Annan And Ban Ki-moon’s Watch:

The worse Secretary Generals were these two.

Kofi Annan sat on his hands while the native Tootsie and Hootie ethnic groups killed each other in Rwanda.

And Ban Ki-moon adamantly denied that his Pakistani UN Peace Keeping forces killed Haitian natives with cholera, from the human feces dumped into the drinking water in Haiti.

Derryck S. Griffith.

The World Cup 2018 Is Now A European Cup:

The World Cup 2018 Is Now A European Cup:

None of the Non-European countries are in the Finals.

Firstly, most of the Great Footballers play for the European Clubs Full Time. That is where their careers are made and maintained.

They only go back home to play at the Internationals or the World Cup.

So these Final Survivors comprise those Big Name players naturally.FIFA World Cup-2018

Rules For Candidates Contending For Public Office!

Rules For Candidates Contending For Public Office!

1. All financial support for all campaigns MUST be from a local source, persons, or constituents.

2. Any national based in a foreign country, and wants to contribute to any political candidate’s campaign for Public Office, MUST provide bona fide evidence that he/she is a national of that country.

3. A FULL declaration of all financial contributions MUST be surrendered to the body selected, to oversee all political campaigns for Public Office.

And at a time specified by this body.

4. All candidates contending for Public Office MUST be allotted reasonable TV, Internet, and Radio access/time to reach all constituents.

5. The state MUST also assist all candidates with some financial support for his/her campaign for Public Office, as per Election Rules pertaining to canvassing.

Derryck S. Griffith.

Marijuana And Judicial Ignorance While C.A.R.I.C.O.M. Debates Penalties!

Marijuana And Judicial Ignorance While C.A.R.I.C.O.M. Debates Penalties!

These Old fools have no clue about the benefits of marijuana for easing chronic pain, and anxiety.

Used in controlled or prescribed quantities, it’s medicinal benefits are still being evaluated by the medical community globally.

So penalizing users for using small un-prescribed doses is most ridiculous.

Because it is not harmful like alcohol, cocaine, heroin, crack cocaine, or crystal meth.

Barbados Is In Serious Financial Trouble Currently!


Barbados Is In Serious Financial Trouble Currently!


This island is in serious financial debt. And they are seeking help from the IMF to bail them out.


This island gets it’s revenue mainly from tourism, and that alone cannot suffice it’s internal needs.


The private sector also contributes to the revenue coffers, but that also is not enough to keep this nation economically viable.


However, when you are so small in size, with a small population, with little or no exports, and dependent upon tourism for survival.


All of these factors determine if you will sink or swim in an economic crisis.

Derryck S. Griffith.


Buried But Woke Up Alive!

Buried But Woke Up Alive!

I wonder just how many people have been mis-pronounced as dead, and was buried. Only to wake up hours or days later, and discover they are underground in a coffin.

I say, from now on, bury everyone with his/her cell phone in his/her hands on his/her chest.

Just in case, so they could call someone to say, “I am still alive, get me to Hell out of here.”

Derryck S. Griffith.

Guyana Commemorates It’s 52nd Independence Anniversary!

Guyana Commemorates It’s 52nd Independence Anniversary!

British Guiana became Independent from Britain on May-26-1966.

And renamed The Republic Of Guyana on February 23-1970.

All former colonial countries will never be able to totally eradicate it’s colonial past. But that should not make us feel that we should not strive to create our own unique identity as a nation.

We have come this far in the struggle for Self Reliance and Self Realization, so let us remain resolute.

Our Democracy is still quite young, and as we charter our own approach to this ideal way of life, let us never feel that it is impossible to attain.

Our politicians must never be allowed to divide us ethnically, socially, religiously, or politically either.

And as we continue on the road to National Unity, Internal Peace, Tranquility, and Economic growth, let each of us make his/her mark along the way in this development.

Derryck S. Griffith.