Preventing Genetic Diseases:


Preventing Genetic Diseases:

If humans were not supposed to correct diseased genetic cells.

Then this knowledge would not be un-covered.

I say, let this new correctional method be done, under vigilant monitoring.


Pollution Resulted From Animal And Human Genesis!

Pollution Resulted From Animal And Human Genesis:

Before humans and the other four legged animals evolved, there was no pollution on this planet.

When we came into being, carcasses and human pollutants caused havoc to the pristine nature of this planet.

Therefore, the planet had to create scavengers to clean it up. So vultures, tigers, and other creatures helped to do so.

Today, this planet is rebelling from the damages humans have caused it globally. And with the natural climate changes that occurs.

It is hoped will correct this planetary epidemic.

Derryck S. Griffith.


Abandoned Dogs!

Abandoned Dogs!

I saw a movie tonight where a dog’s owner was killed, and he was in-voluntarily adopted by another person.

But this man was unable to care for this dog, so he asked someone else to take care of him, and they agreed to take him.

As I watched the dog look at his former owner with longing and betrayal.

I felt grieved and hurt for that dog, who like some children were adopted several times, before they finally found a permanent home.

An Abandoned Dog-1